Human/Nature Interactions in the Anthropocene:

Potentials of Social-Ecological Systems Analysis

Sommerhausen/Main, Germany

29 - 31 May, 2008



Welcome to DGH Symposium 2008


Welcome to the annual conference of the German Society for Human Ecology in Sommerhausen!
A better understanding of human/nature dynamics is the core aim of this year’s conference. In the age of the anthropocene where human-induced changes are mostly stronger than those deriving from natural dynamics, we would like to explore how social-ecological systems analysis can contribute.
For that, we will search for complementarities and synergies between human ecology, systems theory and the various branches of social-ecological analysis.  For us, this is a deeply inter- and transdisciplinary undertaking which needs to bring together very different knowledge systems with innovative methodological approaches.
In Sommerhausen, we want to bring together the multiple roots of social-ecological systems analysis in ways which enable us to find possible pathways towards sustainable development. This implies positioning human ecology and systems theory towards each other. Are there clear common theoretical and conceptual foundations? Which methods and potentials exist for Human Ecology with an explicit systems orientation? Can we develop a conceptually coherent approach to Social-Ecological Systems Theory in Human Ecology, and how would this help to better address major challenges to sustainability in the anthropocene?

As usual, the conference will be organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Humanökologie. Please note that the conference language will be ENGLISH / Die Konferenz findet auf ENGLISCH statt!!

The Sommerhausen conference is kindly supported by


Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone




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